DF to the U.S. Ambassador: Does your administration support Krivokapić’s view?

Democratic front (DF) has written a letter to the U.S. Ambassador, Mrs Judy Rising Reinke, after they had been informed by Mr Zdravko Krivokapić, that one foreign factor has stated that leaders of DF can’t take over positions in the government given to them by people.

“Given the fact that we received this information soon after meeting prime minister-designate had in your embassy, we would like to hear from You or some competent person in State Department, if your administration endorses such scandalous view”, DF letter states.

According to the information provided by the circles close to the Trump administration, all democratic standards in the formation of the new government will be respected.

“Since we received this information during talks with Mr Krivokapić, we ask you to publicly state your own opinion regarding this matter, so that Montenegrin citizens could make clear estimate on what this ultimatum means”, DF states.

CdM published on Saturday that Mr Krivokapić didn’t want three leaders of DF, Mr Andrija Mandić, Mr Milan Knežević and Mr Nebojša Medojević, to be ministers in the new government, because he “wants to be surrounded with people who aren’t worn out in political terms and haven’t got a ballast of court procedures.

Mr Mandić then said that somebody who had appointed Mr Zdravko Krivokapić holder of the list ‘For the future of Montenegro’ and who conducted the election campaign would not allow Montenegrin tycoons to steal people’s will.

Earlier today, DF member and president of the Municipal Board of New Serbian Democracy Podgorica, Mr Radoš Zečević, said that tycoon media, rented analysts and corrupt NGO activists were conducting smearing campaign against Serbian people and devoted politicians in Montenegro, swearing and insulting, financing fake survey which they later refer to in their public performances.

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