Papua New Guinea

Sir Julius Chan Backs Parkop On Tree Planting For World Environment Day

New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan is rallying behind the world campaign for Environment Protection in support of the NCD Governor Powes Parkop; who called for Papua New Guineans to plant trees across the nation.

Sir Julius Chan put special emphasis on clear felling by loggers across PNG since the 1980’s that dealt a severe blow to the nation’s forest resource. He said it was about time that we regenerate our rainforests. “They depleted our virgin forests and its capacity to regenerate by raping the same forest lands… Its time we helped Mother Nature to regenerate. he said “We will only do ourselves good if we all work together to reforest our open country sides.”

“New Ireland is one Province that was overrun by Loggers on a massive scale leaving behind a trail of destruction to forest lands and river systems with broken promises of reforestation and agriculture plantings.” Sir Julius Chan stated.

He has also indicated support for NCD Governor Parkop’s call for the National Government to declare the World Environment Day (5th of June) a public holiday; to give Papua New Guineans time off to plant trees. “We derived our identity as subsistence farmers and survived through the generations on the strength and values of our traditional and cultural heritage rooted in our Papa and Mama Graun.  We have sacrificed a lot in the name of development and it is time that we replenish the earth that has kept us alive for millennia,” Sir Julius said.

“As we progress toward attaining the highest form of Autonomy, I call on all New Irelanders to each plant trees marking World Environment Day as a mark of our confidence to transform New Ireland into a Paradise for ourselves and our birds and animals and the insect kingdom.  We may not do it now but we will certainly commemorate the day on New Ireland Day 27 July, which is a declared Public Holiday in the Province.”


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