Músico es encontrado muerto en Río Grande de Matagalpa

El joven era pianista de una banda de Rock. La Prensa/ Tomada de facebook

Músico es encontrado muerto en Río Grande de Matagalpa

La víctima estaba sin ropa, la primera hipótesis es que fue arrastrado por la corriente. Sin embargo, el señor Crisanto Coronado, tío del joven, quien llegó al lugar y reconoció el cadáver, no descarta mano criminal.

Football news:

Hector Herrera on 0:4 with Bayern: We played very well with the best team in the world. Don't write off us
Antonio Conte: Borussia are well prepared, they have a lot of potential. Inter could have won
Guardiola on 3:1 with Porto: a Good start. In the Champions League, there are 5 substitutions, the players who came out showed themselves well
Flick about Mueller: he's a continuation of the coach's hand on the field. Thomas manages the team, drives it forward
Gian Piero Gasperini: Miranchuk has just started training. We have a lot of players, rotation is inevitable
Goretzka about 4:0 with Atletico: We were lucky that we didn't miss out at the beginning. It took 10 minutes to get involved
Klopp on the win over Ajax: it wasn't radiant football, but we scored three points